Embarrassing moments in the recent history of evolution

Dr. Jack Horner, one the the world's leading paleontologists, refuses to allow a T. rex specimen to be submitted for carbon-14 dating, because he knows it might erode the theory of evolution.
Dr. Richard Dawkins, the world's most well-known evolutionary biologist, cannot answer a fundamental question:  Has a mutation ever been documented to result in increased genetic information?  Following an embarrassingly long pause, Dr. Dawkins proceeds to dodge the question entirely by rambling about an unrelated topic.

How does the theory of evolution explain these phenomena?

The mantis shrimp of indo-pacific reefs has an irreducibly complex weapon that utilizes energy storage in a unique mechanism, impossible to explain through evolution.

The male Japanese puffer fish spends over a week creating an artistic sand sculpture to attract a female.  This defies evolutionary explanations.

The Lyrebird of south Australia has an ability to imitate sounds that defies belief.  

Consider the digital code that would be required to enable this unintelligent spider to spin this intricate web.

The Philosophical Danger of Evolution

Social Darwinism and World War I

Evidences for evolution:  Propaganda

Below is a collection of  instructional videos created to present what is deemed "scientific evidence" for evolution.  As outlined in the book Evolution: Mask of Science, all of these evidences are founded on philosophy.   None of these presentations are based on science.  Every argument presented is an attempted disproof of God.

This is a summary of what are deemed compelling evidences for evolution.  Notice that homology is front and center, and how this position is defended by philosophical arguments.  Haeckel's fraudulent embryos are unabashedly presented as evidence.

This is an excellent example of unscientific storytelling that purports to prove evolution through the existence of "vestiges".

This is a typical presentation on evidences for evolution.  Homology is presented, along with vestigial structures.  This is not scientific evidence.  It is attempted disproof of intelligent design.

This is a youtube video with 3.7 million views.  The only "evidences" presented are homology, imperfections of nature, and embryology.  These pillars of Darwinism are soundly refuted in Chapters 4 and 5 of the book Evolution: Mask of Science

In this interview, Richard Dawkins presents molecular homology as the most compelling evidence for evolution.  He then proceeds to justify his position with a religious argument.

In this video, Dr. Richard Dawkins proudly identifies the recurrent laryngeal nerve in a giraffe.  Notice how he can't resist introducing his philosophical views of intelligent design.  This is not science.

This is a typical example of propaganda used to teach evolution.  Only philosophy-based arguments are given.  In a final act of desperation, peppered moths and dog breeding are presented.

The Fossil Record:  Examples of fraud

In this exchange, Dr. Hans Thewissen is asked why museums around the world display Ambulocetus (proposed whale ancestor) with a partially-evolved blowhole, when there is no fossil evidence of this.

Dr. Phil Gingerich admits that the widely published recontructions

of Rhodocetus (a proposed whale ancestor) were based only on 

speculation and are now deemed to be inaccurate.


This is an excellent refutation of abiogenesis by James Tour, an eminent pioneer of synthetic organic chemistry.  


This is a brief summary of current theories of abiogenesis.  To the uninitiated, it appears scientific.  The "evidence" presented is embarrassing in view of the complexity of single cell life, as outlined in Dr. Tour's lecture (left) Notice, also, that no reference is made to the origin of biologic information.  This topic is always carefully avoided.

Dr. James Tour explains the impossibility of abiogenesis in layman's terms.

Scientists Who Refute Evolution

In this selection, Dr. David Berlinski, a renowned mathematician, offers many compelling arguments against the plausibility of evolution.

Dr. Stephen C. Meyer explains the impossibility of the central
Darwinian claim... that mutations can create biological information.

Probability and Evolution

Summary of symposium on mathematical challenges to Darwinism