How do proponents of evolution explain beauty in coral reef systems?

     In explaining the beauty of marine fish, biologists attempt to invoke evolutionary mechanisms in a desperate attempt to justify naturalism in the face of no evidence.  None of these articles address the challenges made on this website.  All of the research attempts to explain functionality.  It is believed that if a function can be imagined, regardless of how speculative, that evolution can create order. No thought is given as to how random mutations could result in such ordered patterns could evolve.  A perusal of these articles will demonstrate how storytelling has become the norm in explaining evolution.


"Why are Reef Fish so Colorful?"

"Significance of colors and patterns in coral reef fishes: an overview"

"Mystery of color patterns of reef fish solved"

"Reef fish see colors that humans cannot"

"Eye camouflage and false eyespots among butterflyfish"

"Reef fish, colors, vision and transsexuality"

"Dazzling or deceptive? Markings of coral reef fish"

"Evolution of bright colors in animals: worlds of prohibition and oblivion"

"Color pattern spurs speciation in tropical fish"

"Team discovers the genetic basis for the repeated evolution of color patterns"

In all of these articles (above), the imagined functions of ornamentation that are attributed to evolution could have been achieved by random coloration such as seen in the selectively bred koi fish.  Thus, none of these articles address the fundamental question.  How does evolution explain the beauty of reef fish?