Great bird of paradise, New Guinea

This website is dedicated to the education of those who may have questions about the theory of evolution.  Although frequently presented as factual, the theory of evolution is scientifically bankrupt.  In the book, Evolution: Mask of Science, you will learn:

There is no scientific evidence that evolution has occurred.

Most evidences presented in defense of evolution are founded on philosophical beliefs.

Evolution is mathematically impossible

Radiometric dating as it applies to the fossil record is invalid as a science.

The proliferation of Darwinism has resulted in a corruption of the scientific method.

Those who claim "evolution is a fact" are advancing a religion that masquerades as science.

The book Evolution: Mask of Science, by J.B. Andelin will soon be available in digital format on this website. The estimated date of publication is May 1, 2021.  Initially published in 2014, a second edition is in progress. All those interested in reading it will be able to download a copy from this website.

This book is written in language that can be understood by those who have not received training in a scientific field.  After carefully studying the facts, you will understand for yourself that evolution is false, without relying on the persuasions of others.